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My sister and founder of MeMoSha (Metabolism, Movement, Shape) has interesting ideas about exercise, nutrition and saving our lives. “Many of my clients,” Caroline explained recently, “start working furiously on the wrong thing.” Shape is the most visible and public gear, but it is also the smallest.

“Your shape is more end than means,” Caroline continued, “when you increase activity first without understanding how to modify your metabolism you are making the job of getting in shape harder.” Boy do I know the truth of my sister’s ideas.

In the summer of 2010 I decided to ride a bicycle 3,300 miles from the Duke Cancer Institute to the Santa Monica Pier. My long delayed “dream ride” was the realization of a twenty year BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). After hearing cancer and my name in the same sentence NOW felt like the time to realize dreams.

But I was struggling. The Blue Ridge parkway was a rude introduction. Hitting grades of 12% and 15% and riding up to over 6,000 feet in elevation had me wondering if my Martin’s Ride To Cure Cancer team and I would see Santa Monica.

Martin's Ride Mt. Monarch Co image

Mt. Monarch Climb Pic

Then we arrived outside of Denver where we slept 3,000 feet higher than the highest “mountain” in the Blue Ridge Mountains. My first day riding with Caroline was the only day in the 60 days of Martin’s Ride I quit. “You aren’t fueling right,” Caroline said.

“You are waiting too long and then not fueling enough,” Memosha’s founder told me. Caroline also introduced me to Hammer Nutrition products Perpetuem and Recoverite. Three days after the only day I quit Mt. Monarch, all 13,300 feet of it, loomed as the tallest peak on the Martin’s Ride journey.

Our weekly day off was the day before the Mt. Monarch climb. I thought about my sister’s ideas and made a plan. I would wake up, begin fueling and make it a point to STOP every mile once elevation was steep, drink Hammer’s Perpetuem and take a picture.

Cancer isn’t my only challenge. MS and asthma complete my health challenges triptych. Taking a picture before or after I “fueled” meant I had to slow breathing, calm down and take in the amazing mountain and Colorado’s beauty.

My team set the RV half way down the UP side of the mountain sure I would give up and come back to them, ride in the RV to the top and then descend. Not so much as it turned out. Making that call from the top of the world asking my team if they were going to join me atop Mt. Monarch or not was the best phone call I’ve ever made.

Martin's Ride Santa Monica CA image

MeMoSha & My Sister To The Rescue

Soon we will share Caroline’s many tips. Tips about how you can change your metabolism and how those changes make “getting in shape” or climbing 13,300 foot mountains on a bicycle (with MS, cancer and asthma) possible, probable and fun.

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* Gears animation is by Ryan & if you are reading this Ryan sorry about not having a link. We lost your page. Email and we will add attribution. Thanks and great image.

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