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Memosha Founder Caroline Smith

Memosha Gear for Active Women: Save Your Life
Welcome to MeMoSha (Metabolism, Movement, Shape). I’m Caroline Smith Ph.D. MeMoSha’s Founder. I’ve been a triathlete, nutritionist and exercise physiologist for thirty years. will be a new concept.

Our goal is simple – we want to save your life!

Sounds overly dramatic, but those are the stakes. What you eat impacts your Metabolism (Me), your metabolism defines your ability to move (Mo) and Metabolism and Movement define your shape (Sha) – MeMoSha.

Metabolism, Movement and Shape isn’t only about food. MeMoSha’s members, and we hope you will JOIN US today, are active women who depend on world class gear. Gear can saves lives too.

MeMoSha’s online mission is simple also – share content, products and ideas to form community. MeMoSha is for active women. One truth we’ve discovered about our active women friends – they love to share tips, ideas and products.

If you are an active women and want to help other women stay active and save their lives, please join us today by filling out the form below.

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